Landlord and Tenant Lawyers Edmonton

“Landlord and tenant law” is the law that deals with the renting of houses and apartments. Our lawyers are experienced with the practice and procedures set out in the Alberta Residential Tenancies Act, and handle all legal matters for businesses managing multi-unit rental complexes, as well as act on behalf of individual homeowners and tenants.

In the commercial context, our business practitioners are able to handle all aspects of commercial leasing, from preparation and review of lease documents through to closing. Out litigators can also represent your companies’ interests in any dispute arising out of the lease relationship.

We work with our clients in the following areas:

Residential tenancies

  • preparing residential tenancy agreements and forms
  • advising landlords on steps to minimize and reduce conflict areas and misunderstandings with tenants
  • notices to tenants
  • terminating tenancies for breach
  • representing parties in various levels of court as well as in mediation or dispute resolution
  • obtaining and enforcing remedies including damage awards

Commercial tenancies

  • preparing and reviewing lease agreements
  • handling all legal aspects of lease signing and renewals
  • dealing with termination of commercial tenancies, including commercial litigation

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